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Cuba - Caribbean island between tradition and modernity|Exciting maritime projects in and around the booming destination

The beautiful island state of Cuba is located halfway between the US to the north and Latin America to the South. Famous for its vibrant culture, traditional architecture and fascinating people, Cuba attracts visitors from all over the world and its tourism industry has grown significantly in the past decade.

In addition, the political rapprochement between the Cuban and US governments is fueling the hopes for a persistent and even accelerated economic growth. Cuba’s geographical proximity to the “Sunshine State” Florida paves the way for expanding the bilateral trade relations and offers as well great touristic potential to both states: Wouldn’t it be nice to encourage the cultural exchange between the two neighbors and, one day, to be able to explore the numerous hotspots on both sides of the Florida Strait enjoying a direct maritime connection?

Cuba is a spectacular destination and the demand in attractive excursion possibilities in this region is high. FRS also sees enormous growth potential in Cuba’s tourism industry and therefore launched the “FRS Cuba” project.

Since 2015 FRS has intensively exchanged ideas on various maritime concepts with the Cuban authorities. Besides being an active investor and adequate partner for different maritime services, FRS also aims to be a supportive consultant for all matters concerning the improvement of Cuba’s touristic-maritime infrastructure – always with the objective of a sustainable development.